How To Eliminate Donald Trump Once And For All

It’s not how you think

Source: The Guardian

Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.

— Henry Ford

It’s been said by many folks in history, everyone from successful entrepreneurs to spiritual teachers to quantum physicists, that we have more power than we realize. Instead of just randomly ambling through time and space, much of what occurs (or everything that occurs, according to some) is completely dependent on what we allow to happen.

In other words, thoughts have power.

So if you are predominantly thinking about good things happening, this will be reflected in your life experience. Conversely, if you are predominantly worrying about what you don’t want to happen, this will be reflected as well.

In short:

  • When you expect something, it’s on its way.
  • When you fear something, it’s on its way.

Have you ever been driving and seen a cop and mentally begged him not to pull you over, and he pulled you over?

While you hoped for the opposite, by placing your attention on the negative outcome you inadvertently helped it become a reality. Whether this was due to cosmic forces beyond our understanding or merely your subconscious reactions (e.g. driving erratically), if your focus was elsewhere chances are you would have had a very different experience.

How does this relate to Trump?

Is there ever a time when you aren’t thinking about him? How much of that time is spent specifically about him getting reelected and how terrible that would be?

According to this theory, by even entertaining the thought you are helping prepare for its arrival. By worrying about it, you are actually allowing it to happen.

So what’s the solution?

Step 1: Stop thinking about him.

If he tweets something, ignore it. If there’s a news program with him on it, turn it off. If something involving him accidentally comes into your awareness, instead of getting upset or irritated or writing all your friends about it, just LET IT GO.

Even if you don’t buy into any of this woo-woo stuff, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel.

NOTE: This is about thoughts, not actions. This doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand and doing nothing. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote, make calls, protest, etc. Please do all of those things. This is more of a mindset exercise, a way to shift your frame of reference from the negative to the positive and from an undesirable outcome to a desirable one.

Step 2: Start thinking about Biden as president.

With all the time you’re now saving, think about how wonderful it will feel when Biden is elected. Use your imagination to really see him and Kamala in the White House (after a very powerful disinfection). Feel in your heart the joy and relief of having a sane, stable and wonderfully boring person in charge for a change.

If you’re still itching to share things with your friends, there are plenty of positive stories to choose from. Just make sure to select those that are not anti-Trump but pro-Biden (or pro-anything — science, the environment, civility, honesty, etc.).

In conclusion:

Whether you subscribe to this kind of thing or not, I can’t really see a downside. I also believe there’s room for taking it beyond the election.

Think about all the posts and memes circulating about 2020 being the absolute worst. It’s become a sick inside joke (“I certainly didn’t have murder hornets on my 2020 bingo card”). While these things act as salves and help us share in the collective pain and trauma, they also unconsciously normalize it as well.

Instead of accepting these things, why not proactively try and create new and better things?

Why not visualize 2021 as the best year ever, when miraculous solutions to things like COVID and climate change emerge that will make us all safer and healthier?

Why not imagine a United States that is trusted and respected around the world, that harks back to its reputation as a land of opportunity and possibility?

Wherever you decide to place your focus, just make sure it’s not on you-know-who.

Who? Exactly.

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Writer, Musician, Brand Strategist and New Yorker in Asia

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