Are You Frustrated Because The Media Won’t Call It For Biden? Here’s Why They Are Holding Off

Hint: It’s based on their own self-interest

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Source: The Daily Beast

By all accounts Biden has already won the election. So why won’t the media call it? Here’s why.

Reason Number One: Ratings

As soon as they call it they know we’ll immediately turn off the TV, disconnect from social media, stop endlessly doom- scrolling and get back to our lives (plus get some much-needed rest). In short, their ratings will plummet, so they’re trying to milk this for all it’s worth.

This is why non-televised sources like Decision Desk, Business Insider and others have already called it for Biden.

Reason Number Two: Fear

In every other election, even as recently as 2016, if one of the candidates had this much of an advantage they would have already been named President-Elect. In this instance the media is treating Trump and the republicans just as they always have — with kid gloves, trepidation and outright fear.

So afraid are they of his reprisal, and the reprisal of his armed and angry followers, that they are literally changing the rules to appease them. This is the equivalent of inching into ice cold water, even though the smart solution is to jump right in.

Reason Number Three: A double-standard for Democrats and Republicans

This one is not entirely the media’s fault. When it comes to a fight, republicans run towards it, united as one, while democrats spend most of their time arguing about the rules and in-fighting.

Even now, instead of celebrating our win, opposite sides of the party are criticizing each other over down-ballot races and how we should move forward as a party. There were also several voting anomalies (mainly with touch screens and bizarre 'software updates’), which republicans are examining and challenging, and democrats are virtually ignoring.

The result is that the media knows they don’t have to give us what we want because any stink we make will generally take the form of a 'strongly worded letter,’ a useless petition, or thousands of social media posts into the void. While we do take to the streets over certain issues, mainly we just give it a pass.

My advice?

Don’t do it this time. Contact the networks directly. Call them. Visit them. Make your displeasure known. Don’t let this go on any longer than it has to. Because the more this drags on, the greater chance Trump and his team of bullies and cheats and sycophants have to contest it and drag it all the way to the supreme court.

And we all know what will happen then.

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Writer, Musician, Brand Strategist and New Yorker in Asia

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